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Like the ladybug and the dragonfly, the cricket is a sign of exceptional luck. Furthermore, it means that all of the things that you have been working toward and dreaming about are now possible. Therefore crickets direct you to stay open to guidance and messages so that you will know what you have to do. You may be guided to buy a lottery ticket, interview for a new job, or be in the right place at the right time. In other words, cricket’s symbolism is letting you know that all things are possible right now. All you have to do is feel that you deserve it!
I’d set up about 6 PetFinder alerts and started following a million Chicago-based rescue agencies since July, and every doggo that I came across, something didn’t feel right. The shelter was too big, the adoption fee was too steep, the dog was *too* young, there was one behavior that the dog had that wasn’t ideal, etc. etc. etc.

Until, this morning. I woke up to the normal Petfinder email, scrolled through, there was nothing exciting, and then after I got out of the shower, I noticed I had another email. And this sweet little face, was the only one in it. Weird, right?

Something immediately felt right, and I went to the shelter’s website and filled out an application at 6am. I called them at 11a, since I couldn’t wait any longer (even though they didn’t open until noon), and was there at noon when they opened.

I met this little nugget, and although I was apprehensive about a lot of things – I mean, was this dog thing really possible on my own? Could he handle the attic stairs? Did he REALLY get along with other doggos that well? Was he this energetic ALL THE TIME? And did he always slobber this much? ALSO I HAVE NO DOG THINGS. – something felt right, deep down.

I don’t know if it’s the meaning of crickets and that his name is Cricket and that that ties in eerily well with my Etsy shop because of my Cricut, but man oh man. I asked them to give me an hour to think about it (because they can’t hold dogs), and right as I left to go walk around, I knew I couldn’t leave without him.

I went back an hour later, signed the adoption papers, asked if I could leave him and go to Petco to buy all of the things (seriously, I had nothing!! If you had told me at 5a when I woke up this morning that I would be going to sleep with a pup in my house, I would have laughed at you.).

I’ve never had a dog this young, or a dog that gets crated, or a dog that’s soooo skinny (he wound up back in Chicago Animal Control after his family didn’t feed him for 2 weeks – I’m pretty sure they had a bunch of dogs that they were training to be fighting dogs?), but it felt right. Despite the fear and "I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing"-ness, it felt like he belonged with me.

So…here we go!

Posted by a.has on 2018-09-13 19:24:35


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